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Monday, January 16, 2012

I upgraded my Video Card.

You may be asking yourself, "Why do I care Major?" And the reason is: Because I fucking do, thats why.

Everyone i know had something better than me, i had a Geforce 520 which i overclocked the hell out of for the longest time. Then came Skyrim, and the old 520 just groaned under the stress. So i found an open box GeForce GTX 560 Ti at CompUSA and bought that. No more groaning, noisy fans or crazy overclocking. Well, maybe the overclocking.

The new Geforce App you can get from their website has built in features for overclocking. Super customizable, easy to screw up.. just the way I like it. I kept the old video card and put it in a buddy's computer I'm fixing up. I had an 8400GS laying around so i put that in the other-other buddy's computer I'm also fixing up. Wait, let me a take a picture because this is pretty interesting.

Okay so the computer on the left belongs to Friend #1, and the one on the right belongs to Friend #2.  Left computer is a Core 2 Quad Gateway, the other one is the slightly older Tri-Core Phenom Gateway. Both have blue screens and heat problems with the video card that was supplied with it. I have rebuilt both computers and they are waiting for me to install an operating system.

This model of Gateway, GT56XX series, is the biggest piece of crap on the planet. After two years, the fans begin the quit, the ram starts to die without cause, and are plagued with heat-control issues. Friend #1 supplied a power supply which is a good start until i found that the ram had gone, the video card, the hard drive, and all the cables had to be replaced as well as the video card. An extra fan must be installed in this model so it wont blue-screen every five minutes. Anyways, i did the same to both and they both turn on. Friend #1 could not wait on me to fix the computer any longer and bought a new much better one, so said i could keep the old one. What do i do with it? Friend #2 i think is dead.

If you ever want to buy a used computer, never buy one like the pictures above. If you do, don't ask me to fix them.

**Update** I unlocked the fourth core on the tri-core phenom. It's a Bios thing, anyone can do it, especially if you don't care if the thing dies or not.

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