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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Princess Bride First Ed. Paperback (1973)


  1. Holy cow. I had no idea that the paperback had red text. I read the hardcover from the library, and it had red text. A few years ago I finally tracked down my own copy which is the only red text edition I could find that wasn't a $500+ first edition.

    Also, that cover? Not at all what I would expect, yet oh so 70s!

    Thanks for posting these images.

  2. Thanks for the comment. The above pictures were unfortunatly from an eBay sale that recently closed out at about the price you mentioned above. I just thought it was interesting to post the pictures as it's a pretty rare book.

    Little background: I bought the book at a thrift store in Englewood Florida. I travel all over Florida for my job, so i stop and buy books. I paid .25 cents for it. I knew it was rare seeing as it was a first edition, with a cover i did recognize. With a little bit of research and goodgle, i found one just like it in worse condition going for about $400.00.

    I guess what makes the book rare is the cover, as it's kind of risque`, and the red print on the inside with the author's notes. I'm certain it cost more money to print than anything else but black. The first edition paperback was printed for two weeks only, the cover too raunchy for most people at the time, and it was reissued with a new cover.. sans red ink. Thus the name of the book, "The Two Week" Edition given to it by book collectors.

    Maybe i will do a post on this later with the following information. Never knew anyone was interested in my hobby. (collecting books, that is.)

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