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Monday, January 16, 2012

People want to see my what? Oh, desk.

I have had several people eMail me and ask for pictures of the things that I buy actually on my desk. It's almost like people do not believe i would waste such money on computer thingys.

After the 32 inch monitor post they started coming in, but i had not posted in a while, being burned out and all, so i did the only thing I'm good at, I ignored them. So, here are some pictures i just took about 5 minutes ago.

There they are, all the shit I have been blogging about getting for the past six months or so. I can't remember if i blogged about the Pen Tablet or not, so there it is, a Genius 10 Pentab with Swipe. Swipe is like an Itampax like touch thing. I don't use it. I used black poster board for the inside of the desk because i was getting terrible glare from the reflection on the glossy wood surface. The speaker system in a Creative 7.1 THX boxed system i got from Best Buy years ago. I replaced the center channel with two other speakers when i upgraded my sound card because it supported that. The subwoofer on the desk goes along with that. The big grey box on the desk to the right is another subwoofer that has a super-duper low bass response that a boxed speaker system could never get down to. It's controlled by a Yamaha amp on the other side of the room. I'll take a picture of that in a moment. Also located on the desk: The Raptor 7.1 gaming headset, an external DVD drive so I burn more than one thing at a time, the Nostromo, the Cyborg, Microsoft gaming keyboard and mouse, remotes for the bullshit laying around, and on top, three multimedia PCs that i made using old DVR boxes designed for those TV's in Walmart. I should do a blog about those sometime as they are pretty unique.

I guess you can call that the power center. It's right behind my desk and consists of two Klipsch floor speakers which have two kevlar 8 inch drivers and one horn tweeter in the front and one 15 inch bass-reflex subwoofer in the back. Above each one is an Altec Lansing double 3 inch loud speaker. I don't normally turn these on unless my wife is not home, or if i want to show off when my friends are over. With those same Klipsch speakers i was able to knock the sliding glass door off the track down stairs while watching Star Wars.

So that's it, ye nay-sayers. I spend way too much time on the computer not to have a good one with the features i like, so.. Keep the emails coming. Sorry I took so long to respond. 

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