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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Running a Nintendo DS Emulator.. Part 1

I decided i wanted to play Nintendo DS today. I use to own one, actually several. My last one i modded several different ways to take advantage of the amount of games that you can download and never pay for. If anything, I did not want to pay for games. I've installed DS emulators before to take screenshots and so on, but never really played one out-right, or reviewed a particular one.
(Castlevania - Order of Ecclesia)

The above screen shot i took using the in-program screenshot menu option provided by NO$GBA Emulator. I'll break it down quickly: Don't download iDeaS emulator. It sucks, its very hard to get it to work. The options suck. Any combination of settings resulted in either a gray screen, a blue screen, or a black screen. I was never able to get video or sound to work, and i tried everything. I read their forums for help, but it looks as if the eumlator is no longer being supported. NDSEmu emulator was a bit better. I was able to get the rom to open without a problem but the sound was so off.. i mean it was bad. The speed of the game is not set to auto by default, so i had to change that, but it did little to help. The game throttles speed incorrectly with no setting to get it right. This makes most games with timing issues to be unplayable.

The last emulator i used was NO$GBA, which was spot on. No problems from the first time i started it. Options are great, menus are awesome. Picked up my game-pad without any configuartion. (wow) Any DS rom worked from the few i downloaded.

Don't waste your time with the other garbage. Download NO$GBA.

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