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Friday, August 19, 2011

The Best Game You Never Played: Allegiance

     That's an in-game screen shot of Allegiance with the UI turned off and all settings at the highest. Not bad for a game that came out in 2000.

     Allegiance is a space combat/strategy MMO. It was made by Microsoft, got rave reviews, had a great popularity and fan base, but fizzled out a short while after. It is now completely organized and run by fans of the games and servers reflect that. Not alot of people play. (sad face)
     Listen: This game.. this awesome game, has very few players and is free to play. It's just like Subspace but way updated, with support for wide screen monitors and high quality sound. This is the last of the great games to have the system requirement of.. wait for it.. a joystick.

     I use a Cyborg X joystick, it's mostly an overkill, but it works very well. When you look at the joystick straight on, it whispers fuck you in your general direction, because that's how cool it is. You can play this game with keyboard and mouse, but i doubt very few people do. Unless you want to play Wing Commander or Incoming!, this is the last great non-flight sim game to use the stick. Personally, i think more games should require the use of a really cool Joystick. If not for just the fact it looks really cool on my desk.

To play free click here. My name in the game is BurnedToast. I made this character last night, so if you see me on, remember i called you a pussy-fag and you blow pigs... so come kill me.

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