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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Hackers Movie HD Desktop Backgrounds (Zero Cool and Crash Override)

Click to enlarge. Both backgrounds are HD 1920x1080 resolution for widescreen monitors.

I've been sitting on these backgrounds for a while. I Founds them a very long time ago.. 2003-ish? I saved them to a CD and just kind of put them away when i had a chance to convert them to a larger format. Originally 640x480, i had to do some extensive editing in CS5 to get them scaled up and not blurry. Not very hard, but i had time tonight so i thought i would get it out of the way.

The top picture was made from a screen grab of the movie when Crashoverride/Zero Cool (Johnnie Lee Miller) is booting up his computer to hack the gibson at the end of the film. A member of the Ubuntu boards originally made it to a users request, i tweaked the colors, enlarged, and sharpened the end product. I could be wrong about whose computer this is, and i just watched the movie. This was one of my earlier creations based on source material. This background has since been widely distributed on the internet.

The bottom image was made by me. It was made from a screen grab at the beginning of the movie when Zero Cool/Crash Override is taking over a TV station. I remade this one from scratch using the gradient tool, find edges and a few clicks of the paint bucket. Johhny had icons all over his desktop in the movie, so if you want, get some shitty copeland icons from Google Images and go nuts. I have found this desktop image in different variations based on the split second image you see of his computer at the beginning. I decided to try and recreate this image the best i could really. See below:
The pictures above are screen shots of me recreating the image from a youtube video. Click to
The Final Product. Click to enlarge. 1920x1080

The font used in the movie was a condensed OCR A Extended, Bold. I used 18.54pt size, with no blending options used. I decided not to add the icons as some people may wish to kind of place their icons on the bubbles.

**UPDATE** For those of you who are having issues with scaling and images are not the correct size, download the 7zip package here with the original files + photoshop documents so you can play around with it.


  1. nice, these backgrounds are awesome =)

  2. thanks, i needed the psd to make a boot animation, wish i could make it work on windows too.

  3. Hello, can you make some icons for the yellow wallpaper? :)

  4. Where can I Download the files??

  5. Sorry, the link was old and broken. Ill post a new one soon.


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