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Monday, October 10, 2011

I'm upgrading my monitor. What is too big?

     I'm willing to find out. As you have seen in the previous posts, i have been delusional about my fascination with upgrading my computer. I started to think.. what makes a computer really, really good?

1) You have your tower, which houses all the good bits: Hard drive, ram, video and sound cards, and  processor(s). All the things that make your computer fast and ripe for gaming rape. Less important things abound, but are ignored for the sake of this article.
2) The keyboard and mouse take control of your virtual command center in which to launch imaginary nuclear attacks. These are the tools in which gauge your speed and accuracy, as well as limit you (or not) to human ability and skill.
3) The speakers that you have on or around your desk provide you with a tangible sense of reality that with the correct speakers, you can actually feel.

4) Your monitor/screen. The portal to everything mentioned above. And most likely the last thing to be upgraded on any computer system.

     Why are monitors the last things to be upgraded, when it is obviously the first or second most important component? I think it's because they last so long. People wait for their old one to burn up before getting a new one. I don't know anyone that has a really expensive monitor. They buy the biggest one that was on sale for the least amount of money over $100. I do i blame them? No, i cant say i do really, only because I'm in that majority of people.

     The last monitor i bought I'm using right now, its a 24" Acer i got from Comp USA on sale for $139.99 or something like that. It's the biggest monitor by screen size i have ever owned. Sure I've had some pretty massive 21" CRT monitors in the past topping 60 pounds or more, but nothing as nice as this one. I'm pretty satisfied with it. The picture is bright, there is no lag, i can watch movies on it and so on. So why would i think of upgrading when nothing is wrong with the one I've got? Simple. Pure size.

     I just want something bigger. There has to be better than what i have now. I'm tired of having what everyone else has. I need to feel and experience my games/movies on a different level, even if i don't know what that level is yet. I feel as if a monitor could help me in the technological, and spiritual journey of horse shit my computer desk has evolved into. So, to make a long story short, i ordered a 32 Inch LCD monitor. It should be here on Friday. See the below images for size comparison.

     The monitor the Asian girl is leaning on is a 21" monitor, as is the small one in the top picture. The large monitor is a 32 inch LCD. It's obvious which one is the larger one, by a huge amount. He is also playing WOW, which i plan as one of my many activities.

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  1. “Why are monitors the last things to be upgraded, when it is obviously the first or second most important component?” – I’m wondering about that myself. But if you ask my opinion, I think every part of your computer is important. From the monitor to the inner system - everything should be updated from time to time to make your PC work as efficiently as you want.


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