Hole in the sky?

My name is Major, and my heart is black and full of hate...

Sunday, January 30, 2011

I hear the Lamentations.

I hear your fucking lamentations... and your women.

I will be updating more in the near future. I have been busy with.. family problems. (medical/personal) But god knows i will be back to hear your plight. I wish to cleave your brain asunder with my powerful cock of doom.

Morgan is no longer working for me in the same capactity at work. After some deliberation, he was promoted out and given his own location to watch over, much to my chagrin. Hopefully nothing will change here at The Hole. He has called a "Drink Off", which i will participate and take pictures of, in the near future.

Plans are in place to switch out my computer I'm currently using for something better. I was hoping for a new six core computer, but we will see what happens. Right now i use a core2quad laptop and dore duo desktop. My website, Snakepeople.net is hosted on  a computer at my fathers house.

I have more information, links, torrents and so on backed up for the next month. I will hopefully have time to dump it all, but for now, enjoy the animated gif of conan chopping and hacking bodies, figuring out the riddle of steel.

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