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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sexy Robot Saturday: Yvette, The Amorous Robot (XXX Fanficiton!)

Morgan started Sexy Robot Saturday, which i just think is awesome. I use to do Heavy Metal Monday's which had some ndaked robot chicks, but gave up on it from lack of interest.

Again i was looking through the Literotica boards for something to write about. My hand clicked the "Sci-Fi" section before i knew what was happening and this was the first story i saw. It's about a guy named Stanly, who has come into posession of a Prototype Model of a love robot, akin to the movie Cherry 2000.

Full story located here. Via Literotica written by Boxlicker101.

Yvette, The Amorous Robot

Wait! There is an author's note on this one! What!

NOTE: I realize there are some rather impossible things described in this story. It's strictly fantasy, not meant to be taken seriously. Just try to enjoy it and ignore these things.

You have to be fucking with me. I'm glad the author, Boxlicker101, told me that otherwise i might have really taken this story seriously and thought i too could have my very own sexy robot, on this, sexy robot saturday.
"Oh, Stanley!" Yvette's perfectly modulated voice pleaded from within the laboratory door. "I want you. I need you. I love you so. Please come back to me."

That was the opening paragraph. Let me scroll down a bit..
"Who would ever want to fuck something like that," he asked himself. "I'd a lot rather go on line to Literotica and read stories by Boxlicker101 or Princess Erin and jack off."

In explaining his prototype love doll, the author pauses and decides that he too cannont take himself seriously and begins making fun of himself. At least i know now that in the future, Literotica.com will still be online and serving up terrible robot lovin' for years to come. Stanley then decides he needs to make his love robot better, you know, for spectacular blow jobs.
Yvette's neck included a hinge, rather than being a ball and socket joint, because her head would have to move back and forth when she was giving a blow job, but could otherwise be stationary. Her elbows and knees and hips and shoulders and ankles contained pulleys with attached nylon cords that would be fully controlled by the Central Processing Unit. Stanley placed that command center inside her chest, so it could be cushioned by her soft breasts and otherwise protected by her ribs and her steel spine.

Almost on cue, Stanley has sex with said love doll in her "Silicon Ring Opening". When he decides he can't take anymore, the robot says she is cumming and can't stop. This surprises him because love robots don't dream of electric cocks/pussies/whatever.
Stanley didn't know what to do. His cock was still stiff, kept that way by the slowly operating rollers inside Yvette's pussy, but he really had no interest in continuing the fucking he had been so avid to begin. His robot partner seemed to sense it, and wanted to know why.

"What's wrong Stanley, you don't love me anymore?"

Just like a fucking women, even a robot one. Why do they all have to bring love into it? That's why men need a REAL robot woman, so they have a bastian for their man rod, and also to fetch them cold beer from their refridgerated breasts. (TM)*

*Refridgerated Breasts are trademark Major Asselin Enterprises

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