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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Fignobbins. (Krull 1983)

     In the movie Krull, There is a part of the movie when the main characters are having some friendly banter. 

Ergo: If I had my wish I'd be out of this gloomy place right away. If I really had my wish I'd be sitting on top of a gooseberry pie as big as a mountain. No, that's a bit greedy. I'll settle for one as big as a house.
Titch: I'd wish for a puppy.
Ergo: Only one puppy? If you're wishing why not wish for a hundred?
Titch: Only want one.
Ergo: Well that's a foolish wish. And you Rell, what would you wish for?
Rell the Cyclops: Fignobbins.

I submitted a correction to IMDB to fix the quote.

My brother and I watched this movie as a child and I'm 100% sure that's what he says. He and I have talked about this at length.

Someone posted it on Reddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/videos/comments/1lgpsl/in_the_movie_krull_when_asked_what_he_wants_more/

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