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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Cell Phone Woes: Battery Life Comparisons

     The EVO was just.. buggy.
     I was pretty much forced to get a new phone. I was given an EVO 4G LTE from work, which was maintained and serviced by their IT department. They gave me a new battery when i complained, and an Otterbox case when i was worried i would break it. The phone was the best phone I ever had, was quick, and did all the things i needed for work and play. The screen was huge and bright with non of the samsung bluish tint I've been noticing.
     As the months wore on, it would occasionally fail me. When browsing the Internet, the phone would turn off. Sometimes when plugging the phone in (weekly) it would only charge half way for some reason, and only on the days i would really need it. I got in the habit of carrying a charger and power inverter in my car, a spare charger at work, and one at my friend's house. No I'm not kidding, but yes I'm a little neurotic about the phone turning off. It would freeze when viewing YouTube videos. The 4G antenna would work when it felt like it, and when it did it was not really much faster than the 3G version. Wireless connections are great, but slow to obtain. I started to loathe other people at work who had the new Galaxy SIII, even though my phone was less than six months old.
     I talked to my wife about how much I was letting this phone rule my life, when my old phone was much shittier but almost never failed me when i needed it. Battery life was excellent in the older phones I've had, what's the deal here? Even with an extended battery, i would not make it to the end of a nine hour workday. Why? She researched phones for me, and I did likewise.. and we both agreed on the IPhone. The 4S was only a $49.99 upgrade with my sprint account and discounts through work. Reading up on the IPhone, i saw other people complaining about battery life issues. As a matter of fact, every phone I read about, no a one did not have some kind of issue. I bit the bullet and my wife ordered the IPhone the next day.
Getting the Iphone and Battery comparison
     So the IPhone comes in the mail within two days in a nice little white box.. all simplistic and as the picture showed. The phone was at 0% battery when i got it, so i left it plugged in for the rest of the day and activated it before i went to bed. Activation took three tries and about a half hour over the phone. I kissed my EVO goodbye and started playing around the IPhone the very next morning. I left the hours early in the morning with 100% battery life. I left all push notifications on, email alerts and location services. I had the IT department at work get exchange sync going so I could get company emails, and I was on my way. I used the phone heavily the first two hours. Answering calls on my Blue tooth in my car, and checking facebook and emails. I never looked at the battery. The next few hours i took a few calls and even took a few pictures. When I got home after a nine hour shift i was still at 65% battery life. I was shocked, i mean really surprised..
     With the same usage on the Evo with an extended battery, I would be in last 5% of the battery when i walked in the front door to my house. Not paying attention to it, i would normally not even plug it in till hours later, missing tons of calls. Already I'm seeing a huge difference. I decided not to charge the IPhone that night and see how long it would last the next day. Reading a few articles on the way the batteries work, i suppose it's better to run them down to nothing, then charge them to full. The next day, i used the phone the same way, and when i walked in the door I had a paltry 9% left. That's two days, medium usage all settings turned on, without the phone going dead. This is a first for me since I've had my shitty Nokia in college that did nothing but make calls. That thing would go a week without a charge. I decided I wanted to see how long i could go without charging the phone as an experiment.
     So read about 200 amazon reviews that night while i let the phone charge. I needed something powerful that was not going to get in the way of the phones ports, look good, protect the phone and also have the 1900 mAh battery power that i read so often as being the best. Cases are plentiful, let me tell you. I saw Juice box cases for over $150 that promised up to 200% life. I wanted that, but not at the price. After watching a really sharp review on YouTube about the Max Power case, i decided to try it. After it, it looked good (as above) and was pretty cheap. I only paid $29.99, because it was on clearance and shipping was free because I'm an amazon prime member.
     Ill start off by saying this case is really fucking sharp. Same piano white finished color as the iPhone. Changes the charging port to micro USB so it will work with all those chargers you have laying around. not to mention I'm on my third day without a charge with medium usage. You press a small almost invisible button on the back and four blue leds show through the case telling you how much battery you have left. When you press and hold the button, the phone behaves as if it is plugged in. charging it very rapidly. From 3% i was able to charge the phone to 100% in 15 minutes. The back of the phone heated up pretty good, but otherwise no problems. So I'm on my third day and I have enough juice left to charge it up one more good time before i have to wall charge it. Crazy.
     As far as the phone it's self, it has never crashed, the 3G Internet is faster than the EVO 4G with the antenna working as it should. Applications load quickly, the phone takes much, much better pictures. The picture is just ultra crisp. The screen is smaller, but I can see things so much better, so i don't notice it at all. Screen sensitivity is much better as well. Overall just a much better product for around the same price.

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