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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Legend - Underrated movie?

God knows i'm a huge legend fan. Hell, i had a website that i maintained about the movie from 1994 until 2000. Don't believe me?

I had a lot of websites, that much i'll admit, but i was a closet Legend fan from day one. I watched the movie everyday and spoke each word of the movie without turning around in my computer chair to see what was happening on the screen. It was just a matter of time bfore i addressed the movie here.

I had a bad life there for a while at home and i turned to fantasy books and movies to kill the time and make me wish i was somewhere else. I've told this story many times before on many different websites so i won't bore you here, lets just say that it sucked, i didn't like it, and i never want to have to draw D&D maps on motel kitchen tables in the near future.

When life improved for me drastically when my father remarried, my infatuation of fantasy and science fiction remained, and so when i had the means (thank you Performa 636 macintosh) i made a website to chronicle my life from that point forward, including my new favorite movie: Legend.

I made a "ring"and invented a Legend Convention, hosted fan fictions and met friends that i would still keep in touch with for years to come. People assumed i was much older than i was; i called agents and argued my points with the owners of Figmentfly.com about who did what costume and which actor portrayed what. To this day if you type in my website address at google, you get thousands on hits on the subject. I hand typed the first Legend script with help from a friend, now titled the March 10th Script, which is popularized as the definitive script about the movie to read.. if you were so inclined. Some of the things i pointed out on the Europeon edition of the movie were used in the Legend Ultimate DVD set, released by active petition (that i started in 1998) in 2002.

I was pretty into it i guess.

I did the same thing for alot of things, which got me into web design, writing, and lastly, this blog. If your interested in other things i've played around with prior to 1999, google the word, "Docdroz". You may need a while to see it all.

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