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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Whorelore: World of Warcraft-Inspired Porn Series

Whorelore: Swords, Sorcery, and Sex is a web-porn series based on the immensely popular massive multiplayer online role-playing game, World of Warcraft.

Whorelore, now in its second season, started in 2006. Originally called Whorecraft, the title had to be changed due to some hush-hush legal flack, most likely from World of Warcraft makers Blizzard Entertainment.

The six, half-hour episodes in season one feature everything from two armor-clad, busty blond warriors to a masturbating troll. (Not seen here.) The second season of six more 30-minute episodes is still in production. The Whorelore website describes it as a struggle between light and dark, with a villain "capable of vanquishing those who thrive for harmony." Dont worry, that just means there's a magical nympho who likes to deep-throat elf ears. All seven finished episodes of Whorelore are available online for 7.99 to $8.99.

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